Winter Triptych

These poems have been percolating for months, and bubbled over in January. Though I initially wrote them as stand-alone pieces, I decided to publish them in conjunction. I hope they pierce your winter ice crystals with the brilliance of cold sunlight. Thin Skin Don’t tell me my skin should be thicker, my tears should be … More Winter Triptych

And Then I Walk

A pendulum swings bisecting my being not vertically as expected, which would allow disparate halves to swirl, spinning into spirit: a rainbow sparkle. But instead it slices air above my calves and though it never touches I am unable to move. It begs my apology for the intertwining droves that I summon with my life. … More And Then I Walk


I deconstructed another life of my own. Restoration fills with no force to rush. I roll your name through the secrets of my tongue wondering how mine will wave across yours again. Creases persist though crumples no longer exist: a gentle reminder of what yet will be deconstructed.

I Won

I won today in the way we almost never do. I won today in the way I desperately needed to.


This is the second in a collaborative three-part series called “River Windows” with Jasmine Wilhelm. You can read part one of the triptych, called “Tools,” here. Necessities He takes me to the desert where the sky is bright and clean and while he holds me he whispers of alpine snow and winter green. Once more … More “Necessities”

State of the sediment: symposium season

One component of my graduate program in the Department of Watershed Sciences at Utah State University is to present at our annual graduate student symposium. The goal of this symposium is to present our research questions and preliminary work and solicit feedback from our interdisciplinary department. If you happen to be in Logan, Utah on April … More State of the sediment: symposium season

Research update!

This update was originally disseminated on the Glen Canyon Institute mailing list. Lake Powell traps all fine sediment that once moved through Glen Canyon and into Marble and Grand Canyons. Sediment transported into Lake Powell by the Colorado River near Hite, by the San Juan River downstream from Mexican Hat, and by other tributaries now forms deltas … More Research update!

From Home

I drive away again from the place I’ve always called home but this time I’m driving to somewhere instead of just from. Winter came late this year and maybe it’s okay to let seasons match souls. There’s a flat road expanse beneath the beeline of in between. I think I’ve realized there’s no perfect button, … More From Home


While on the Main Salmon River this summer, I found myself on a yellow raft with two guide gals and a guest, talking and reminiscing about art and community and creating. From that conversation stemmed a series of collaborative poems and art. I crafted words and my dear friend Jazzy developed the phenomenal illustrations. You … More Tools