This Is 2016: A Ditch Boot Story

Outdoor Research perfectly clapped back to GQ Magazine’s sexist portrayal of climbers with a photo essay. Never to leave all the fun to the rock slingers, some of the river ladies of OARS Idaho are here to show you why you unequivocally need ditch boots. Now you too can lift heavy things, gallivant in fall leaves, and casually drape yourself over decrepit trucks: all in the name of style.

Real women. Real ditch boots. Real fashion. This Is 2016: A Ditch Boot Story.

Is the ground perfectly dry, and yet you need to lift heavy tires? You don’t really need to move them, but you do need to lift them. Protect your life. Protect your style. Wear your ditch boots.
Tired of watching all the men load the truck? Never fear, you can look into the distance longingly while wearing your ditch boots. They almost make you seem like you know what you’re doing.
Need to relax after a long day of showing off your perfectly paired fall fashions and ditch boots? Step one: find a truck. Step two: pose on it. Step three: be really, really, ridiculously good looking.
With your new ditch boots, you can chuckle with the gals after a long day of looking outdoorsy — because women can’t ACTUALLY go on the river. That would ruin our hair.

Stay tuned for the 2017 calendar to inspire all your ditch-boot wearing fake activities.


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