Evaluating the long-term future of fine sediment in Lake Powell

This fall, I began an MS in Watershed Sciences at Utah State University, working with Jack Schmidt to study fine sediment remobilization in Lake Powell under potential future reservoir conditions.

I am in graduate school to learn and apply quantitative approaches, and to couple these techniques with my established background as an outdoor professional, creative, and educator in order to holistically work toward sustainable and just river management.

As part of my degree progression, I am taking a GIS in Water Resources course, co-taught by David Tarboton at USU and David Maidment at University of Texas at Austin. For the course term project, I am using geoprocessing in ArcGIS to examine my research themes of fluvial geomorphology in arid environments and fine sediment remobilization.

If you are interested in learning more about my work as I progress through my thesis, you can find my work on Hydroshare. This is an open-source platform, aimed at collaboration within the hydrologic community. Currently posted are my project proposal and interim progress report. I appreciate community collaboration and am open to feedback!

Science can often be intimidating: this I understand. As I further my abilities as a researcher, I also want to further my abilities as a scientific communicator. Robust science depends on an engaged populace, and people cannot be engaged if we scientists hedge ourselves away. I know I perpetually have questions and am learning, so I would love to discuss any of yours.

This site has always been predicated on integrating the physical sciences with the arts. I look forward to sharing a new iteration of my work with you!


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