While on the Main Salmon River this summer, I found myself on a yellow raft with two guide gals and a guest, talking and reminiscing about art and community and creating. From that conversation stemmed a series of collaborative poems and art. I crafted words and my dear friend Jazzy developed the phenomenal illustrations. You can find more of her photography and work here.

Cohesively creating with another helped me open my words. I’m honored to share our work with you.



My hands tell the stories
of seasons in the sun
of whitewater dories
and rapids yet to come.

Cracked and calloused
both tanned and bruised
these hands climb scree and talus
in smokey daybreak rouge.

Morning comes with a groan
knuckles aching to grip
gallivanting by afternoon
rowing boats that sometimes flip.

They crackle and pop
as most hands do
but they know river secrets
sacred to few.

Years chip away
both nails and resolve
but these waters run true
and my hands hold on.


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