2 thoughts on “Saturn Release

  1. Wonderful poem, love the word “reinvention”. God is always there to help you with this, along with those of us also reinventing ourselves. PS. Thought of you this week. A friend of mine is hiking down the Bright Angel trail in two weeks, staying one night at the Colorado River lodge, and hiking back up the South Kaibab trail. I know this is a happy river place for you. Take care.


  2. Stunning! Absolutely!

    On Wed, Nov 6, 2019 at 11:08 AM madeline louise friend wrote:

    > Madeline Louise Friend posted: ” I breathed in smoke and fire, letting > your reinvention be my own. I breathedthrough crumpled words and flaming > stories, quelling fear in fire, moving beauty through shades of ash. The > embers fade, the waters rush, it is finished. ” >


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