Evaluating the long-term future of fine sediment in Lake Powell

This fall, I began an MS in Watershed Sciences at Utah State University, working with Jack Schmidt to study fine sediment remobilization in Lake Powell under potential future reservoir conditions. I am in graduate school to learn and apply quantitative approaches, and to couple these techniques with my established background as an outdoor professional, creative, … More Evaluating the long-term future of fine sediment in Lake Powell

Me too.

This is not about your masculine fragility. This is about our power and our safety. This is not about your need for affirmation. This is about our constant degradation. This is about seams of womxn’s bodies shredded wide, creases stuffed with tears and alchemy and protective pride. This is about the certainty we rage, passing … More Me too.

Didn’t We Just?

Another morning and I’m sitting on a dory — a newer sensation — but this time the Tuolumne perches on a trailer around the side of the Idaho boathouse instead of on a sand and gravel mixture buffeted by water. This time I don’t have to go cook breakfast, go clean up camp, go wrangle … More Didn’t We Just?

New Caskets

I remembered how to be graceful today with others but mostly with myself after two days of puffed stoicism I cried delayed tears of release. I had creased myself into the folds of fear new caskets compact and necessary. Here I move through another space in the not-so-peace of wild things. I thought I knew … More New Caskets


I started writing today about supposed impermanence evidenced by frost noon-deleted and as I was dithering in three weeks of January gray convincing myself this too was fleeting my memory shifted to another segment of reality when I began this very same poem twice removed three months ago. Jumping from season to season is necessarily … More Seasonality

2016 Bell Prize Winner

I’m excited to announce I won the 2016 Bell Prize from High Country News! My essay was published in the Nov. 14 issue, and you can read it online here. Wild spaces continue to be vitally important in our human development, and I hope they bring you joy and peace. Thank you for the support!