September update! New piece posted on THE RIPPLE EFFECT

Dissolving into a rainstorm near mile 205 in Grand Canyon.

Hi folks! Welcome to a wonderful, wet September here in the Pacific Northwest. Since finishing my MS degree this summer, I have enjoyed a renewed vigor for writing and storytelling.

I was fortunate to write a piece about my journey to and through graduate school for Grand Canyon Youth (GCY)’s blog, THE RIPPLE EFFECT.

GCY is a nonprofit based in Flagstaff, AZ that provides “…youth (ages 10–19) an experiential education along the rivers and canyons of the Southwest in an effort to promote personal growth, environmental awareness, community involvement, and teamwork among people of diverse backgrounds.”

My experience in the program was and continues to be incredibly formative. I am so excited to share these words with you!

Check it out here and always remember to go with the flow ❤

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