Winter Triptych

These poems have been percolating for months, and bubbled over in January. Though I initially wrote them as stand-alone pieces, I decided to publish them in conjunction. I hope they pierce your winter ice crystals with the brilliance of cold sunlight.

Thin Skin
Don’t tell me
my skin should be thicker,
my tears should be drier.

I still have so many
left to cry.

Skin thins, you see,
when you almost leave your body
for another side of yourself.

Pretty girls tell no tales,
and dead girls tell no lies.

You detain the coldness in my eyes,
but it’s your casual cruelty I despise.

I am slowly growing
my pieces back together.

I exile nothing
of myself.

I am fully and exuberantly
in my body
in my mind.

Of the innumerable ways
to be brave
sometimes leaving
is most courageous.

And sometimes your legs
are slow-ticking pylons of dread.

My heart ceased pumping blood in my limbs
to keep my organs hollowly alive.

What happened
you asked

for leniency

your lies.

2 thoughts on “Winter Triptych

  1. Madeline- your words, so hauntingly beautiful-break my heart- but then fill me with hope and love. You are so I credibly brave and beautiful! I love you always, Mo

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